Sabeer Bhatia launched, the free conferencing facility. Well a desi & nice name & a neat layout. One needs to register on the site & after getting an id & PIN, one can make conference calls absolutely free! The revenue model of this website will be of-course advertisements, maybe inbuilt call advertisements or web ones too. I surfed the site and the site performance is pretty fast to start with. Logo is cool & top banner is looking ok so to say. The site is targeting mainly SMEs & as of now the site is supporting conference upto 10 callers. The site is in alpha stage & definitely needs some info additions/updations for eg., the “About Us” section is not explaining much about the service but its giving all the info about the founders Sabeer Bhatia & Yogesh patel. Well, maybe they have done this thinking sirf naam hi kafi hai J. 

But surely a good service to be launched considering the limitations of conference calling facilities in India. And the best thing is its absolutely free, so good for many small & medium enterprises. Now lets wait & watch if the revenue model works well for From my side, I will surely wish all good luck to this new venture J.


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