Yahoomail or Gmail?

I’ve been using the new Yahoo mail for quite sometime now and initially I used to think that it’s because of some initial glitches that the performance is so slow and bad. But it’s been months since I’m using the same and I don’t see any improvement in their performance. Somehow the moment you open that in-mail chat window my laptop goes for a toss. It becomes so damn slow. Though I think it has got nothing to do with my laptop as the same machine is being used for so many things including the in-mail chat service of gmail and there it works absolutely wonderful.


My first email id happens to be a yahoo id and when I had opened up my first email id more than a decade back, I used to be thrilled with Yahoo messenger and other services of Yahoo as compared to Rediff / Indiatimes mail and chat services. I used to love those cute li’ll smileys so much and everything about Yahoo used to be so cool…I would say, I was quite a hard-core Yahoo loyal user but slowly their product started getting deteriorating. Then came gmail and for most of the practical purposes, gmail proved to be a better option than Yahoo. Many people like me very soon migrated to Gmail for most of their regular email interactions.


Well, I know market share wise, Yahoo still dominates the email market but I think service of Yahoo is getting more and more hopeless day by day. They have got one of the worst spam guards…on any normal day my spam counts are anytime thrice or four times than my normal email count in my yahoo inbox! I don’t know what spam guard gmail has adopted but it works wonderfully atleast for me. Also host of other benefits like security, size of the mail box, archiving options, convenience of smooth in-mail chat facility etc are just few of out of the whole gamut of benefits which gmail offers to a consumer. So for me as a consumer despite Yahoo mail launching new features everyday, its Gmail which rocks and serves my purpose anyday better than Yahoo.


5 thoughts on “Yahoomail or Gmail?

  1. I agree. Even though the new drag n drop UI is neat, it has so many irritating issues that half of the times email loading crashes and leaves you frustrated. Seems like since MS would like to buy them, they have started showing traits of WIndows, which works fine after restart.:-)

  2. for some reason i like the old yahoo mail more than the new one..

    and the reason sure is the speed and the interface

    Gmail rocks for sure. I gave up Hotmail and Yahoo shorly after gmail came in. For somereason gmail had everything that Yahoo and hotmail didn’t.

    The v first thing was the inbox size… come on 2MB and 4MB was no good! And add to it the gmail interface and conversations .. WOW..

    Yahoo & Hotmail – well they still havent learnt their lesson! Hotmail is so slow and hopeless .. i feel yahoo is little less worse…

  3. Gmail slows down the process of reading messages. When you open a message in GMail and then delete it, GMail takes you back to the folder listing. So you have again click another email to open it. There’s no option to say “Open next message” when you delete an email.

    I receive a lot of mails every day. I cannot work with Gmail.

    Yahoo Mail with all the good old features (folders!!) and the new ones (reading pane, drag&drop) is still my number one.

  4. To the last commenter, you mention a GMail folder listing. Since when does GMail have folders? I know Yahoo does… and I know GMail has labels which are not quite the same thing. But folders?

  5. Hi Ari,
    Its not me but a commenter named “Joe” has mentioned about folder listings. Yea Gmail has labels which are not same as folders in yahoo [:-)]

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