Jhingalala’s counter strategy

So, this is the counter strategy of Jhingalala brand – TATA Sky. Well, media is splashed all across these days with “Wish Karo Dish Karo” statement of SRK – TV, Press, Online, Outdoor almost everywhere you go, you can see an ad of DishTV these days! Even the price has been reduced drastically now and Set Top Box offered is completely free. I was wondering where has Tata Sky gone suddenly? They had started with a big bang with Hrithik Roshan, Kirron Kher, Paresh Rawal etc etc appearing in their ads but then there was sort of silence from their side for quite some now. Well looks like the silence is over. Aamir Khan has been signed as the new brand ambassador for Tata Sky! Bingoooo…Aamir to counter Shahrukh! Well, good one. Anyways there is enough noise about Aamir – SRK hot chemistry in media these days be it films or the endorsements or the blog 🙂. Remember the buzz about Aamir’s blog with Shahrukh or tiff-taff between these two endorsers indirectly through their brands like Samsung (read Aamir) vs. Nokia (Shahrukh). So, looks like now it’s again gonna be Aamir Vs. Shahrukh through DishTV vs. Tata Sky.

With Indian consumer spending more and more on entertainment these days, DTH market is growing quite positively esp. after the recent price war between different players. Infact like most of the consumer electronics & entertainment items, prices have gone down drastically for DTH too in India. DishTV had recently launched its very attractive pricing based campaign where set box was offered completely free! As per the media coverages, DishTV subscription has gone up by 60% after the launch of this campaign. With 57% market share of overall DTH market, DishTV has currently approx 3.5 million subscriber base whereas Tata Sky has just 2.2 million (source: televisionpoint.com, date: 10th July’08). Hmmm time for Tata Sky to pull up its sleeves now. Let’s see what’s in store for consumers from Tata Sky now, with Aamir as the new endorser and campaigns round the corner, hope Jhingalala comes up with something better this time as against Wish karo Dish karo!


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