Aftereffects of downturn – 1. LAY-OFFS

It scares you when you listen to the experience of lay-off from somebody close to you, it scares you when you listen that some of your very well-settled friends with quality degrees and high paying jobs in US based MNCs have been asked to leave for India over night. It scares you to realize that he is left with no cash to support his needs and it scares you to realize that many of them are depressed to the extent that they intend to give in to the pressure of life. Well to be honest, my intention is not to scare anyone rather express my realistic feelings regarding this issue. And it’s not too late for all of us to be cautious and take some basic steps to deal with this bad time (of course to whatever extent it is possible…). Here are some of my thoughts which I think we can take in person to be prepared for the bad days. Read More…

P.S: I posted this on my other blog today on downturn. Since this topic is not directly related to my this blog but definitely is a burning issue, hence thought of posting a link to it on Marketing Chit-Chat as well, suggestions and feedback are more than welcome 🙂


One thought on “Aftereffects of downturn – 1. LAY-OFFS

  1. bastards over action etc etc as if there gonna take over the whole world aviation

    now what sissy pussy mallya and of course not mr goyel, the broker called praful patel is doing it all ! what happens to all the 500 staff! mallaya oveaction where are you “turbulenece time” etc etc………. all bull talk you are cgoing to hell and the broker will fry repeat fry in hell, now u want tax payers money u joker mallya i will not be surprised u get support for your status come to public speak what went wrong in ur over acting just like formula one


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