IDEA – for the people, by the people!

Logged in to Yahoo India today and got to see this splash banner of Idea.



Well, personally I have always liked the advertisements of idea esp. the television commercials. Though the ideas shown in the commercials are not always practical or implementable one but then too those commercials leave a sweet smile on your face with a thought, “oh how wonderful it would have been if this idea was implementable”. For e.g., that school kids of village learning through phone or the village kid giving the road direction to a gentleman in a very fluent English. Yes, some of the commercials show those ideas which if possible to implement could have really changed lives. So, considering my liking for Idea ads, it was quite natural for me to click this very prominent online Idea ad and to my pleasant surprise it took me to a site .



The first look gave an impression of it being a web extension of their recent television campaign wherein politician seeks opinion of the people on some important projects through phone. And yeah I was right, it’s actually a site by Idea wherein people can submit their opinions on any public issue. The site emphasizes on public opinions and importance of participative decisions. As of now it’s just having one page which asks to vote in favor or against of participative decision and a text box asking to submit topic on which one would like to have opinion and on submitting your vote, it shows the result statistics. Well, personally speaking I liked the concept of this website. Though it’s not something absolutely new as there are some other Indian portals as well which are revolving around some or other important social awareness campaign but still the whole idea of raising public opinion on important topics through online voting system seems to be a good idea and if used properly it can be mutually beneficial for the brand hosting it as well as for general public. The portal is quite new as of now, maybe they have plans to introduce some more stuffs in future but I do think that this website is lacking certain critical info currently, for e.g., what will happen once I submit my vote on any important topic? What is Idea going to do with those public opinions? Are they going to submit it to concerned authorities or are they going to take some initiatives based on those opinions? I’m not sure if taking certain initiatives will fall under their responsibility limits but they should at least tell people why and what of this portal and the overall basis of initiating this opinion portal. If they do so, it will surely help them in differentiating from any current existing poll properties like TOI poll etc, polls like TOI merely act as indicator of certain statistics like X % said yes and Y % said no. The title of the page reads – “for the people, by the people”, I wish it really turns out to be so 🙂

4 thoughts on “IDEA – for the people, by the people!

  1. OK, I am skeptical of this from word go! It is simply a ploy to get your mail id and phone number to send you more spams/offers or tele-marketeer call. I don’t think they are ‘lacking’ information, they simply ARE NOT GOING TO DO anything!
    You are right that these ads (public conscience ads!) get a smile and have high recall value

  2. hey kanupriya (is tht wat i call u?) the first ime i stepped ur blog few days ago..i jumped out ;P thinking there is too much here for my small brain ;P. But now slowly its dawning on me that it is really wonderful and informative. For people like me completely severed from the world outside it sure is an eye opener! Ive loved IDEA ads too! Forms im wary coz it asks for my info..gr8 job..keep going..and im adding u to my bloglist hope u dnt mind.

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