Engagement is the KEY!

Hitesh shared this video at a very right time today…with so much of focus on customer engagement in my organization these days surely this video acts as yet another confirmation on the mantra – “It’s not about listening, it’s not about monitoring, it’s about ENGAGING”. Thanks Hitesh for sharing this.

More to follow on this mantra soon based on my experiences, as of now I just wanted to break the stagnation of this blog, have not updated it since 5th Feb’09 (that fateful day!). Till then have a look on this video!


4 thoughts on “Engagement is the KEY!

  1. Hi. Awesome blog with great content. I’m seriously in love with the way you write articles. I mean i can imagine the way your mind things when you sit in from of your computer and start pouring your heart. Anyways I’m HS Sandesh from Bangalore and it would be my privilege to have your link on my site. Can we exchange Links..?? Have Fun..CHEERS


  2. well if this guy say its not engaging he is pro advertising and boy their is no denying that advertising sells good, good bad or ugly no doubt but sudden why is this same old story a centre of attention again may i enquire???

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