“Jai Ho” vs.” Bhay Ho”

While Congress was quick enough to take rights & create a video out of much acclaimed song “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire but quicker was the counter strategy from BJP to come out with another video based on the same song. And I must say I loved this video! Truly marvelous & strikes straight within! This video titled “Bhay Ho” speaks something like –  “Aaja aaja voter is jhanse ke tale, aaja jhote moote vaade ke tale, BHAY HO”.

What a competitive attack! Though BJP says that they have not officially released this video & it’s some party supporter who has sent this video to them but I think it’s one of the smartest counter campaigns against any competitor in Indian Politics. It’s surely an interesting case study for new age Indian Political Advertising & if it’s really done by a common man, then I think BJP should immediately look at hiring the man behind this video in their promotional team. Have a look on it, I definitely had a laugh watching this video.


5 thoughts on ““Jai Ho” vs.” Bhay Ho”

  1. You are an angel!!!

    Kal hi a fren of mine had told me about this video and I was looking for it badly!!!!

    This is a brilliant marketing move for sure. In fact I was reading somewhere that BJP Has gone bought some paid links and whenever u google anything related to Gandhi or Congress the related links will open but all across there wud be “Vote for Advani As PM” ads displayed all across….I had loled at the brilliant move…

    I guess BJP has an IT Cell full of IITians & IIMites 😀

  2. you know what girl i am pro congress so kinda not the kind who will enjoy this kinda videos but hey good job with the lyrics and frankly for me the religious card never works of BJP
    thus congress ke jai ho in my case :-))))

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