Political Advertising: Indian Politics Reaches Twitter

Whew! Indian Political parties are on twitter now… While I was already chating about change in campaign strategy of Indian politicians this time, here I observe some other interesting & noticeable updates:

  • BJP on Twitter: Yeah BJP has really gone ahead of Congress as far as online strategies are concerned, you go anywhere online & you just can’t ignore BJP’s ads or L.K.Advani messages. And now they are on the latest micro-blogging fad – Twitter too! Not only they are present but they are tweeting quite regularly both by posting their updates as well as interacting with followers. Have a look on some of their latest updates, updates do look promising enough.



  • Congress on Twitter: Till now I have not observed Indian Congress Party formally present on twitter, yes but SM Krishna (candidate from Bangalore) has definitely joined twitter now. He says he has done this to interact with net savvy Bangaloreans!

Well, all interactions & communications on internet with today’s generation are fine but I again wonder – do all these political parties really understand their image amongst Indian Youth? As mentioned in my previous post it’s a welcome change to see such aggressive new age political campaigning in India but don’t you think that these are simply marketing gimmicks? Will they really act on their promises or will these remain as just promises once the elections are over? How much can marketing help them when the core product itself is not good? Would be good to know it from the readers of this post – do you really believe in current communications sent out by any of these parties? Personally speaking as a marketer I like their campaign & appreciate their effort but as a consumer, these communications are not impacting me much as somehow don’t have that trust left on the product itself.

9 thoughts on “Political Advertising: Indian Politics Reaches Twitter

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  4. Hi Agree, they are doing so much of noise but will they actually fulfill their promises? I do not believe in any of these politics ads as almost all the politicians are liars & cheaters.

  5. As have said in my last comment, BJP has a dedicated IT Cell full of IITian & IIMites….These marketing moves though are damn good & exciting to some extent but, yes there is a big but for me….

    Our politicians don’t realise that getting us to vote isn’t the only thing giving us worthy candidate & deserving performance is the major thing that they should be doing…

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