Chance pe Dance marketing: Bhajji blog at BigAdda

Looks like BigAdda has got this special fascination for the letter “B”, that’s why all their blog promotion strategies revolve around the famous Bs. Earlier they created so much of hype by launching the blog & now it is In fact blog of Mr. Bachchan became such a craze that it broke all records of comments received on single posts in India. Not only it gathered enough media attention, it also led to some phenomenal increase in traffic & hits of the website. Well, nothing to ponder over or doubt on those jump in traffic, I mean what else do you need than to have Mr. Bachchan blogging on your portal himself. Trust Mr. Bachchan’s fan to leave everything else & spend their whole time on his blog! We know it was definitely one of the marketing gimmicks of BigAdda but nonetheless a successful gimmick, in fact so successful that celebrity blogging became a fad in Bollywood with so many other celebrities joining the blogosphere suddenly.

And they have done it yet again, that too at the perfect time. This time they launched a blog of cricketer Harbhajan Singh Bhajji on their portal. The blog’s page title as well some PR coverage read as “Bhajji blogs at BigAdda”. Well, impressive & definitely an attention grabber. With IPL fever running across the nation, cricket & cricketers are definitely THE buzzwords of the moment. Launching a blog of none other than Bhajji at this moment is no doubt a great promotion strategy & this is what I really call a chance pe dance marketing strategy. With bhajji blogging about all details of IPL, I’m sure BigAdda is going to see a surge in its traffic. Let’s wait to see the number of comments on his posts, I am quite curious to see if the interactivity level & statistics of this cricket icon’s blog will surpass the figures of bollywood shehenshah  or not 🙂.

Aside: My inquisitive mind wondering if Bhajji is really having time amidst all the matches to come & blog minute details about IPL 😛 😀 :O

6 thoughts on “Chance pe Dance marketing: Bhajji blog at BigAdda

  1. LOL u sure are fast…whr from u are getting all these details ;P and am damn sure..wudnt be bhaaji..sme PR mst be doing the job for him..readings aamirs blog always make me feel he sits & types…bt jst cant tell ;P

  2. I remember reading Ian O’brien [the kiwi quickie] blog in cricinfo
    during the recently concluded india-NZ series.It was awesome with soem real insight about a player’s psyche and what they go thru during a test match.Hope bhajji’s is also like that and doesn’t get too commercialized or some kinda a star blog.

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