Re-branding of Sony Television

I got the chance to catch up on television tonight after almost 3-4 weeks & when I saw the complete video “ghar aayi hai khushi” today I realized that it’s a promo video of Sony channel itself. I liked the video, have watched it earlier in bits & piece but somehow because of this line “ghar aayi hai khushi” I used to think it’s a promo campaign of yet another crappy soap from Sony.  But few minutes on that channel and I think I was very pleasantly surprised.

I wasn’t aware that Sony has gone for such a major facelift in last 3-4 weeks. Yes, Sony did create a noise during IPL with its “Badal Rahe Hain Hum” campaign but it was good to see this badlaav not only in terms of just a branding campaign but overall programming too. They have launched fresh content during prime time and for a change this time they have taken themselves away from saas-bahu, typical Indian family sagas or singing-dancing reality shows. I got the chance to go through two out of their five (Rani Padmini, Palampur Express, Bhaskar Bharti, Ladies Special & Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi karega ) new programs and I liked both of them. They looked fresh & appealing.

I think this re-branding exercise was much needed from Sony. Once a number 1 channel, they had really lost the game to their competitors over a period of time. Not only they lacked the pull in their existing content, they were lacking innovation in their new content too. After all, for how long only Indian Idol or CID could have helped them sail through the competition? I as a viewer don’t remember when was the last time I would have watched any program with interest on Sony. And with some millions of singing reality shows I had lost complete interest in the last season of Indian Idol as well. Now let’s see if this re-launch of Sony really helps them in upping their ratings once again. The last total GRP rating which I had read was definitely not having Sony in top 3. These slots were occupied by Star, Colors & Zee as per TRP ratings for the week ending 13th June’09. But then it was hardly 2-3 weeks since they had launched their new programs. So, would be good to observe the future ratings & fate of this re-branding campaign of Sony.


9 thoughts on “Re-branding of Sony Television

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  4. no idea whats running on tv these days,, i think the rebranding happens everytime a new creative takes on to post..

  5. u are so right kanu!i just love ladies special and am also lookin forward to this new reality show where celebs would be stayin in forests of malaysia..

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