4 thoughts on “No IDEA to Get IDEA: IDEA the first to play on MNP

  1. Kanu- dont u think its a bit of a dampner that MNP across circles is not possible as yet. Considering that people will rarely feel so outraged with their current service, i am guessing that local area MNP will fizzle out….so i dont think its “what an idea sirjee” this time!

  2. Portability just makes things easier. It may evenmake the service providers improve their services out of fear of customers migrating to the competitor without having to worry about changing the number.

  3. Well Idea has always differentiated its advertising and by playing on MNP factor, not only Idea challenges other service providers but also claims that it is right up there on all the points it is challenging others. I just hope they can walk their talk!

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