Micromax fastest rising query after IRCTC : Google Zeitgeist 2010

Micromax is the 2nd fastest rising query in India! Wow, the brand definitely seems to be on a roll. At first I was surprised but hey wait, isn’t it the most buzzed brand in Indian Telecom Industry these days? Google has released its Zeitgeist 2010 report for most searched words in India. While IRCTC retains its position of being at the top like earlier, this year there were definitely some newer surprises in the list. Here goes the complete list for Indian market:

Micromax is gaining market share in India by making cheap phones with long battery life and targeting the needs of mass Indian consumers. Recently it announced the launch of its android phones too at a cost of Rs. 6,999/-. Not only is this brand selling more than a million phone every month, in last two years it has also become the third-largest GSM mobile phone vendor in India after Nokia and Samsung, with a market share of 6%.

Well, mass targeted products definitely sell in India. Google’s this report further substantiates it, check out the section for raising people. Sonakshi Sinha scores higher than Katrina, mass appeal of Dabbangg once again?


7 thoughts on “Micromax fastest rising query after IRCTC : Google Zeitgeist 2010

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  2. @Anuj: Ha Ha, you and your nafrat for Micromax :)…thanks for pointing it out, updated the first sentence to ‘query’ instead of ‘search’ term :). But whether we like it or hate it, Micromax is on a roll and gaining popularity amongst mass. hahaaha (that was the brand ambassador Akshay Kumar style attahas :))

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